Origin of the Olive Tree according to the Greek Mythology

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Torah, Bible and Koran; these monotheistic books have all cited the olive tree as a gift of God to men that can make their life of mortals gentler on earth. These sacred messages are valid for all places and times. But they do not explain to us the story of the creation of this divine tree. Fortunately, Greek mythology has been dedicated to this matter for a long time. Homer, through his Odyssey, relays the circumstances that led to this ingenious creation and here they are summarized:   Once the wars of the gods ended, the gods shared the Greek...

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Olive Tree General Points

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Olive Tree Climate – Temperature Requirements   The Olive tree thrives in areas with Mediterranean climate, where mild winters are followed by sunny springs and hot summers. The areas where olive trees are cultivated for commercial use must have an average annual temperature of 60-68 °F (15-20 °C). The absolute maximum temperature can reach 104 °F  (40 °C) without causing damage, but the minimum should not fall below 20 °F (-7 °C). Lower temperatures than this can cause serious damage to the trees. Of course, the temperature of 20 °F is only indicative, because the resistance of the tree in...

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